Meet Avital

Hello, it's me, Adele. Just kidding, I'm not Adele, but you wouldn't be wrong to think that I spend 50% of my time attempting to be her. ANYWAY, my name is Avital (pronounced ahh-vee-tall, thanks Mom and Dad).  Like my tagline says, I'm a northern girl living in a southern world.  What on earth does that mean?  Well, almost three years ago I packed my things into my compact car (GLAMOUR) and made the trip from Mansfield, CT to Dallas, TX, and let me tell you, everything really is bigger in Texas.

By day, I am a corporate event planner.  By night, I am a sassy, selfie loving, gym obsessed, anything but normal gal.  Why blogging?  It's something I've been wanting to do for a while now.  So this past January with thoughtful encouragement from my friends I took a leap of faith, and here we are!  My goal is to use this as a platform to connect with all of you fabulous readers and share some hopefully relatable experiences. 

A few things that are probably important to know about me, trust me it'll be helpful when you're reading the blog.  I love music.  You know how people say they love all kinds but don't really?  I do (except screamo, but does anyone really like it?)  I specifically love musicals and if you know me you know I'll sing to you before I'll speak to you, normal right?  I hate football, and I live in Texas, so that's interesting.  I am however a die hard UConn and Boston sports fan.  I schedule my downtime because I am so type A.  You want to go get drinks next week?  Send me a calendar invite.  Are you starting to see why I plan events for a living?

Let's end this with three fun facts, shall we?  I'm a wish granter for Make A Wish in my limited free time.  Greece is my next travel spot because of the Mamma Mia movie (told you I love musicals).   Last one, i'll try to make it a good one.  I can speak pig latin and gibberish fluently and will gladly do so in public to prove it.  I still think it's as cool as I did when I learned it in second grad on the monkey bars.  Happy reading!